Yucatans mystery

Play Yucatan Mystery on Paddy Power. Considered one of the best casino games around, play Yucatan Mystery for free online at Paddy Power Casino. Developed by award-winning red-hot casino studio, Yucatans Mystery steams deep into the mysterious world of the Mexican jungle. With 30 pay-lines and five reels, it transports players into the dark bowels of cyberspace, to seek out the hidden treasures that lie waiting, daring the bold to go in and claim them for their own good.

Play Yucatan Mystery for free now! The first ten spins of each round yield a single jackpot prize. Completing all five spins earns you a free spin, too – and if you luck into a jackpot prize in this round, it’ll be bigger than the largest prize available in the bonus round!

The jackpot prize in the bonus round is larger than the total jackpots you’ll win on all your regular spins, but since you’re not required to spend any coins at all on the slot machines, you’ll get the maximum payout from playing on this slot machine. In the bonus round, however, you’ll get to try your hand at a new jackpot, the contents of which may be used as points toward your winnings. The larger the number of jackpot prizes you accumulate in the bonus round, the greater your chances of claiming them and earning extra money.

There are three types of jackpots available in the bonus round. They are: two-tone, three-tone and double-tone. The jackpot prize for each type is also different: the higher the jackpot prize, the larger the odds that you’ll get to spin the machine and get a free spin. The higher the chances you have of winning, the higher the payout of your wins. And with a free spins option, you can increase your odds even more by selecting the best paying machine, provided that the machine you select yields at least a small jackpot prize.

Aside from the mystery game itself, there are many other aspects that add fun to the Yucatan slot machines. One such aspect is the machine’s sound. Some slot games allow players to “read” the symbols displayed on the reels, which may give players hints about how to make their next spin. Other slots, such as those in the free spins category, give the players the opportunity to try their luck through various casino games, such as the video poker.

Another popular feature in this particular Yucatan slot machine is the bonus round. As the name suggests, bonus rounds appear whenever the player gets two or more coins in his bankroll. Some mayan slot machines have a special jackpot that requires players to bet an equal amount of money to acquire it. Others mayan slots only call for a single spin to trigger the bonus round. However, whatever the case, these bonus rounds are a welcome change from the usual spinning reels.