Winter wonders

A lot of people find it hard to choose between the different slots offered by Microgaming. You can only choose from their Winter Wonderland slot machines that will surely leave you craving for more. Each machine offers its own special feature and will surely leave you pleased and enticed. Here are a few of the best that Microgaming has to offer:

Winter Wonderland – This is actually a 5 reels progressive slot game by Microgaming, and that pretty much says a bit about how this game is. You will find that the graphics are charming and the reels have a beautiful design that will surely capture your attention. The images displayed are snowy and warm, adding up to the nice feeling that you will get from playing Winter Wonderland. The bonuses that come along with this machine are also of a great quality and are not only visually appealing but also give great chances of getting you bigger jackpots. With a chance to win loads of money, Winter Wonderland should be one of the best slots to try out.

Magicalode – This is yet another very well-designed video slot game from Microgaming, and as mentioned earlier, it features some gorgeous graphics. It also has a number of features that make playing it worthwhile, such as the animated symbols that appear onscreen, giving it a nice 3D effect. You can line up your bets with the help of a guide, and winning is made easy as the icons shift around. Magicalodes really have a nice interface and the video slot games are sure to keep you spellbound.

Snowy Mystery Reef – If you love playing video slot games that have beautiful visuals, then Snowy Mystery Reef is the game for you. It is sure to give you a thrill as you watch the cute and adorable underwater creatures swim around the reels in their cute little froggies. When you play this game, there is an option for you to switch between various characters, depending on whether you want to view the cute animals of the first or the evil characters of the second. This is sure to be a wonderful slot machine that will not let you down, and its graphics will leave you spellbound.

Winter Wonderland Bonus – There is also another special feature that makes this slot machine unique among other reels in the market: the “Mystery Island” bonus. In this case, when you play Winter Wonderland, you and your team will have to choose one of the icons present on the screen. Using icons that you have already selected will earn you extra points, and can lead you to the top level of the jackpot. Here, too, the icons move, so you don’t have to worry about your choices, and you get to earn more points. With these special features, Winter Wonderland is sure to bring enjoyment to all who try it.

These are just some of the many magical features of this amazing slot machine. No matter what your choice of game is, whether it is classic slots or latest exciting games, you cannot deny the fact that there are no words that can describe the fun that can be had out there. If you are interested, then you should definitely try the Winter Wonderland slot machines, where you can play the best winter wonders games ever. Experience the magic right now!