The design of Reactor is quite simply impressive. Enter the wonderful future of the future with an ultra-modern futuristic game board and sci-fi arc Receptors on each edge. These will rapidly release landing boosters to apply up to six horizontal reel modifiers instantly. If you land a hit and pull your ship out of the energy grid you’ll be launched forward with limited energy to start the next level!

Each of the six horizontal reels in the Reactor slots spins in a different pattern. This unique modular design will create some great mental imagery when you are playing. The first two reels in the slots game spin in a circular pattern that represents the first day of the crew’s hibernation after their return from the distant planet. The two further Reactor spins represent the second day of their hibernation and the forth reels represent the third day of rest.

In the slots game of Reactor there are four types of Reactor power-ups: alkalines, borons, phosphorous and silicon. The five reel modifiers add different colored coins to your pool. You will need to accumulate a certain number of these colored coins before the time runs out and the Reactor power ups run out. As you accumulate the coins for each power up you earn extra bonuses and coins for your bottom row slot reels.

You are able to power up each Reactor with one of four types of battery packs. The alkaline battery pack is the cheapest of these and offers the best results. The boron and phosphorus packs each offer a bit of a break from the average and can improve the overall performance. Each of the six reel modifiers adds a coin to the bottom of each battery. If you have less than six total coins, you cannot utilize the last one in your hand.

When it comes to winning at REACTOR you will need to be quick on your feet and keep spinning as long as possible. Since this machine is a random machine, you cannot know which reels will give you the results you desire. The only way to get as many free spins as possible is to get the highest number of random free spins you can.

To get the most out of this slot machine you will want to play a lot of random REACTOR games and get the highest number of free spins that you possibly can. There are also several other bonuses available including jackpot games and a bowling alley. With a bit of luck and a good strategy, you should be able to increase your winnings to near the cost of your initial investment and be enjoying your newfound fortune in no time!