Piggy pirates

One of the hottest games at this year’s conventions is PIGGY PIRATES. This colorful game of chance takes place on a pirate ship that leaves from port. The players are given ten cards and two dice to play with. The aim is for the player to be the first player to bring all the flags of her crew to the ship’s Cockpit. If any crew members fall to the deck it is the same for all players, and the first player to get all seven cards is the winner.

The design on PIGGY PIRATES is well done. The spinning reels set in an eight ship casino game have diamond, heart, anchor, spade, gem and pendant symbols along with sails, anchors, chests, drawers and vases with money inside. The free spinning reels also feature four different pirate figures. The jack of all trades skill level is useful for all players. The skill of the strategist will help with winning the game. In addition, some players find that they can easily memorize the symbols on the cards and this is one of the casino games that are good for improving memory skills.

Many people enjoy playing PIGGY PIRATES because it is easy to learn and play. Unlike many other real money games, there is no large financial investment required. In addition, because the action is entirely virtual and requires no real money, the participant need not be concerned about whether winning will result in real money payment or if they will lose all their initial efforts. In fact, winning can result in no cash at all and the players can still have fun. However, as is true with most free forms of entertainment, when the fun wears off, there may be some money left on the table for the casino’s ‘house.’

Slots and other gaming machines are known for leaving most casino goers struggling to complete their final trick or strategy in order to win the maximum amount of real money. In PIGGY PIRATES players don’t have to worry about this same issue because the game doesn’t require a final hit. As long as enough balls are rolled onto the reel, points are awarded. The trick is to get the most points as possible without stopping. As long as players stay within a five foot range of the other players in line, they will continue to receive bonus points.

In addition to earning the highest bonus possible, PIGGY PIRATES allows players who like to collect big wins as well. After a series of single shots, the player can purchase a second shot from the bonus reel. This is not limited and is the way in which many players continue to earn points after losing the first few. This allows players who like to rack up the points needed to reach the jackpot eventually. In addition to the big wins, the smaller ones that occur often lead to a lifetime reward on many of the pirate reels.

Because PIGGY PIRATES offers no limits to how many players can take part at once, it can provide for hours of entertainment for everyone in line. Those players who like to win without spending any money up until the end will enjoy this slot machine with its progressive features. Those who like to collect big jackpots for years may appreciate the variety of bonus rounds and the ability to purchase multiple coins at once. Even those who like to avoid the high action may find that PIGGY PIRATES offers enough excitement to keep them going for many days.