Imperial palace

The Imperial Palace lies on the grounds of the palace known as the Imperial Household Palace. This palace was established by the Meiji Emperor Meiji and built in accordance to the government plan of those times. It was meant to be a dwelling of the Japanese royalty. There are various interesting facts about the palace that you should know and most of all there are also fascinating games to play at the palace. This palace was constructed during the period of reign of Meiji who was a distinguished personality in Japan.

The Imperial Palace comprises of three parts namely The Imperial Courtyard, The Imperial Palace and The Imperial Office. The Imperial Palace has three departments namely The Imperial Diet, The Imperial Office and The Imperial Shikaku. The Imperial Courtyard is the main living space for the inhabitants of the Imperial Household which is inclusive of all the personnel of the Imperial Household, Foreign officials and other guests. The Imperial Courtyard comprises of five parts namely The Royal Palace, The Empress Kogyoku House, The Yakuhachi House, The Toshogai and The Sanshoku Temple.

The Imperial Palace also has two casinos namely The Coromandel Hotel and The Taj Exotica. Both these resorts are open all year round. The Coromandel Hotel which is on the fifth floor and is located on the third floor of The Imperial Palace and offers an opportunity for visitors to enjoy the tropical sunsets. The Taj Exotica on the fourth floor is another casino that is popular among the people of New Zealand.

When the imperial palace was being constructed, it was planned to make an addition to the establishment by erecting a sky scraper. This was later carried out and the sky scraper was named The Starlight Palace as it was supposed to provide light for people on the third and forth floors of the old building. However, with the passage of time, the demand for the casino fuel also rose and the Imperial Palace was not able to accommodate the additional demands and hence had to come up with another solution. Hence, the Resort of The Starlight was introduced.

The Resort of The Starlight is one of the newest motels in Auckland, the only full time facility that has been opened since the inception of The Imperial Palace. The Resort of The Starlight has two-story buildings facing the south direction of the motel and is equipped with a fully-stocked bar, lounge, pool table, billiards room, snacks bars and many more. It was designed by architectural experts who made use of modern and traditional architectural styles to construct the building. There are no individual rooms available in this motel but there is a shared room area which can be availed of at a very nominal cost. There are three restaurants in this motel which are open everyday for lunch, dinner and breakfast and offers some of the finest food in Auckland. All these features make The Starlight an attraction in itself, thus attracting tourists from all over the country.

Recently, a new casino has been opened in this motel and the name of the casino is “The Starlight Casino.” This casino is equipped with all the latest gaming equipment and offers you the most thrilling gaming experience. This casino is directly attached to the hotel so you don’t need any transportation or accommodation other than your room. You can enjoy all the games and entertain yourself while relaxing in the hotel and having a good time with your friends and family. Although, this motel is not directly connected to the casino facility but it has all the same features and facilities as its sibling.