Emperor of the sea

The EMPEROR OF THE SOUL is a Chinese game which involves playing the traditional Chinese chess game. Jang Bo-gong literally means “king of the sea”. In the past, Jang Bo was the most powerful sea chun in all of China. It is said that during the unified shiatsu period, Emperor Kangxi had Jang Bo assassinated. This was not only done to eliminate any potential threat to his rule, but also as a means to prevent the spread of the knowledge of the powerful Chinese maritime navy.

The EMPEROR OF THE SEA is a classic Chinese historical figure. According to legend, the legend says that the fisherman’s wife became so enraged when her husband did not pay enough attention to her that she murdered him in anger. However, historical records show that this account may be somewhat disputed. Regardless, the legend of Jang Bo becomes related to the rise of Kim il-Ki, one of the most famous leaders of modern Korea. He was also a well-known sea traveler and expert in seamanship.

Like many of the classic Chinese story themes, the EMPEROR OF THE SEA has an equally fascinating mythological history. The story goes that Jang Bo decided to visit the mysterious mystic land of Xingjian, where he hoped to find a legendary treasure. However, instead of finding the treasure, the emperor discovered that Jang Bo had been executed for criticizing the emperor and his regime. He then transported his body back to China, where upon recovering, he changed into a fish and began a journey across the Sea ofhma.

Once there, however, Jang Bo realized that he had been tricked by the gods and returned to earth. Upon changing into a monkey and flying up to the entrance of the treasure Kaeseongbong, he discovered that the gem encrusted golden mask had been stolen by Chinese agents. Recognizing this as an opportunity to take control of the fortunes in the east asia, Jang Bo set about to remake the fortunes in the region. However, when he failed to complete the task, the gods were angry at him and sent five demon monkeys to attack Jang Bo.

The Monkey Dance is known by the Chinese as Kung Fu, a form of martial arts that has flourished in the east as an art and source of revenue. The story behind the creation of this drama is almost as incredible as the concept of the tale itself, as it relates how the legends of the east began to be told in the form of stories told to entertain children. In fact, the creation of the story is credited to the emperor himself who wanted to use the story as a means to teach children the value of courage and self-control. This is why, in addition to the mask, the costume of the character of Jang Bo is quite unique, as it is one not seen on any other culture or country.

This bold and unique drama series has earned an outstanding number of accolades from around the world and ranks as the most popular Chinese drama series ever. In fact, the majority of the world’s cable television channels air the show regularly, with some stations even screening the entire show in different languages, like Korean and Japanese. In addition to being extremely popular, the series has also been selected as one of the best-selling Chinese movie packages of all time.