Beetle jewels

If you’re a die-hard fan of casino games then you would be very familiar with Beetles. They are not just an ordinary video slot machine. The name was derived from the mechanical insect called ” Beetles”. It was Thomas Edison’s (who was the genius behind the light bulb) idea to use beetles in the manufacturing process. They were used in textile industry as well as in the printing industry.

Now you can get your own BEETLE JEWEL for your own home. Get a free spins feature and double your money. Each beetle will provide you with huge slot earnings with rubies, emeralds, dimes and many more! Come play this amazing 5 reel, ten line jackpot and light up your nighttime with bright, colorful, glow-in-the-dark beetles! Just like the real thing!

One of the great things about BEETLE JEWLS is that each reel has several symbols which do not look like traditional coins. Some of them are really weird looking which makes it more exciting for players to try their luck on these little machines. You can switch between different reels easily so that you can see which symbols are paying better. Plus, with the free spins, you can have additional coins to utilize on some of the more expensive reels.

To determine if a machine is giving you a chance to win big with Beetles, you need to make sure that there are icons on the screen. These icons represent jackpots and the amount of coins that can be collected. The icons are located on the lower part of the screen and you will notice that they change depending on the denomination that is being played. If you happen to notice this, then you should stop playing because you are in the process of trying to collect coins for a higher denomination.

There are also icons that tell you what portion of the reels will pay off if you hit certain icons. For example, the top left of the screen will indicate that you are getting two coins for every ten spins. Next to the payline slot, there are three icons that will tell you which reel you will need to play on. For example, the top left indicates that you should play on the light purple beetle jewels, the bottom left will show you that the jackpot is coming up, and the green one will tell you the payline. Pretty easy, right?

If you want to know more about how to win with BEETLE JEWels, all you have to do is read the news section for the casino that you are playing at. It is always updated with all the latest information and you will notice that there are new symbols coming up throughout the week. When it comes to getting more coins, you will be happy to know that the two prior symbols in the news were changed to the red and green coins. This change was to encourage people to play more because the upcoming symbols will increase the payout. You can also get to see the latest symbols in the future as they will be added as the game goes on.